Song is the most intense expression of art. Every people in the world possesses its own  Marseillaise.

The Classical Rock has been my permanent source of inspiration since it started to exist. The decade of 60` Godar and Antonioni were a milestone in my studies in the arts. Unrepeatable Antonioni `s "Zabriskie Point" (1970).

No sooner were the pieces `The Atom Heart Mother`, `The Dark Side of the Moon` and `I Wish you were here` launched in vinyl in 1970, 1973 and 1975 respectively than I bought them.

The first reason why I did so was the subversive aesthetics of their cover pages not to mention that their melodies did not fell short at all of other top classical works.  I would be carried away to the skies by David Gilmour`s guitar, listening to these masterpieces over and over again.

The unprecedented piece `The Wall` came out in1979, when I was member of the Greek Communist Party. In private discussions I had with other `comrades` of mine  at that time, I realised along with them that a political leadership which was not fascinated with "The Wall" had no future ahead of it.

A few years later (1982), Allan Parker gave me the opportunity to perceive the wisdom Roger Water`s lyrics carried through the Greek subtitles of the film because my English was rather poor then. My appreciation of the Pink Floyd was consolidated by their refusal to launch the soundtrack of the film in the music market although the interpretation of Bob Geldof, the organiser of the L.8., was perfect, which reminded the whole world of the fact that the knights of rock music were not all motivated by the lure of any millions of dollars.

The "Metal Ballads" accompanied mainly rockers with their powerful melodies during the years that followed.

In 2005, Pink Floyd, participating in the L.8., taught us that what unifies us is more important than what separates us. A careful comparison of the L.8 to Woodstock (1969) shows that the sirens of narcotics were definitively defeated on the Rock level.

So, I dedicate this site to the classical Rock, which is the first worldwide musical wave in history, paying tribute to it.

1st P.S. The rock  beat of the sublime album `Anastacia` (2004) reminds us that it has come here to stay, especially, when it prides lyrics like the fascinating one.. `life doesn`t promise a bed of roses`.

2nd P.S. Bob Geldof said, `I want to materialise the rock visions, which are very important to me`. 

e-writer: Mic the Greek