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  • The greatest prize of my life ...

    And you, as destined by fate
    over and over again, every morning you`ll be preparing
    for an eternal but not losing battle. ...
    I have nothing more to give you
    because I can give you forever what
    you have already taken. ...
    Have you ever really wondered
    if you owe me something?
    Yes you do!
    The synchronization of celebration.
    To look at me while the drums
    Of your victory sound.
    And at that moment I`ll be touching you.
    I`ll be present and you`ll be present.

    Happy New Year
    Your little Mary

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  • We shouldn` t be racists.

    Venus is coloured.

  • Rock Poetry:

    Roger Waters U.K. 1944 (Pink Floyd)

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    BERLIN 21 JULY 1990

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    Vangelis Mythodea

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    Bob Seger 1945 USA

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    Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor, April 26, 121 CE. - March 17, 180 CE)

  • Politician:

    Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the United States.

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    "Nothing can stop an idea that it`s time to take place"
    Victor Hugo

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    The soundtrack of a lifestyle